EST | Emergency Support Team
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About Emergency Support Team

EST (Emergency Support Team) is a voluntary group of individuals with appropriate medical and safety training (within their disciplines/scope of practice) that will respond to medical and trauma emergencies to assist emergency services with; i) prior to arrival stabilasation of patients, ii) assist emergency personnel managing patients, iii) ensure scene and road safety iv) provide necessary assistance with i.e lights/rehydration/traffic guidance on scenes.  EST is also actively involved with the greater Pretoria community and works hand in hand with various CPF’s (Community Policing Forum) sectors.


All EST members are required to have at least level 3 First aid and have an American Heart Association Basic Life Support provider card.

Continual developement

All EST members are also required to participate in ongoing personal development and mass casualty simulations. (Aeroplane, train and natural disasters).

Our community

We have a heart for communities in Pretoria and are here to serve the greater Pretoria area on a daily basis and assist in mass casualty situations across Southern Africa on request.

Current and future events

We regularly host projects and events. If you would like to partner with us, get in touch!

Click here to send us a message.

Our Partners